Capital City Benefits and
Insurance Services

Welcome to Capital City Benefits and Insurance Services, designing innovative Employee Benefits Programs that deliver the best value for your company and your employees.

Employee Benefits & Insurance

The plan design experts at Capital City Benefits and Insurance Services are committed to creating employee benefits programs that yield the most value while remaining cost effective. Our client-centered solutions include access to thousands of insurance plans from every available carrier. Benefits implementation features1:1 enrollments either online or in-person, with personalized communications tailored to your company. Dedicated support is available for your company’s executive team and HR department, as well as, your employees so everyone can make informed decisions about their healthcare and financial future.


HR Management

We offer premier human resources management systems to reduce administrative workload. This includes a wealth of tools, online resources, and even numerous training programs for no additional cost. HRIS programs offer assistance directly to your HR department, as well as your employees, from the initial onboarding process to any transitional or off-boarding needs. Discover the HighRidge advantage.


Legal & Compliance

We keep your HR department and company up-to-date on the latest industry developments and provide thorough support through any changes in compliance requirements. Capital City Benefits and Insurance Services provides a dedicated ACA compliance calendar and delivers specialized compliance summaries and notices, in addition to outlining your annual checklist for the year’s requirements. We take personal responsibility in ensuring your company meets and exceeds the necessary state and federal requirements.


Why Capital City Benefits and Insurance Services?

Capital City Benefits and Insurance Services offers a successful combination of old-fashioned courtesy with modern methodology, innovation, and technology. Our top priority is the well-being of our clients and their employees. This is why we guarantee open and consistent communication, to ensure each individual is making the most of our programs. We believe in cultivating professional relationships with our clients, and understanding the dynamics and needs of the company as well as the individuals. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical standards and employ only best business practices.

Our dedicated plan design experts carry 30 years of experience, designing plans that are affordable without compromising the integrity of your benefits. We reign in the chaos of employee benefits to a coherent, streamlined plan. Capital City offers 1:1 assistance in person or online, and a personalized communication methodology geared toward our clients. We make our resources accessible to anyone; from your most technologically savvy employee to those who prefer face-to-face communication, or a more interactive approach. We educate companies and their teams about the best value options available, striving to exceed our clients’ expectations by delivering innovative solutions.