Capital City Benefits and Insurance Services offers complete turnkey benefits management and exceptional support systems to assist HR departments as well as individual employees. Capital City is committed to educating our clients on benefits before, during, and after the enrollment processes.

Customized Benefits Management

We use an integrated platform which facilitates ease of benefits management for HR Managers and company employees alike. Through Capital City Insurance, this platform is customized and branded to your specific company, affording that extra level of trust through brand consistency and uniformity. With this centralized online system, Capital City makes it easy for employees and HR departments to manage their benefits and complete the necessary requirements for any onboarding, transitional, or offboarding processes.

Personalized Support & Advocacy

As with any of our specialized services, Capital City guarantees 1:1 support for anyone on your team. We are here to assist in claims processing for your HR department, but unlike many other brokers, we also offer an additional service to help navigate your employees through any serious circumstances, such as hospitalization or medical issues. This includes being a personal health advocate for you to both the insurance carrier, the hospital, and any other party to ensure you receive the benefits you are entitled to in a timely manner.

Capital City provides the ultimate experience in customer care, no matter which phase of employment or benefits transition is needed. These transitions are often especially difficult for everyone involved, whether an employee is transitioning from standard insurance and benefits to Medicare, or going through the off-boarding process.

Dignity & Care

We also understand the off-boarding phase can be an especially stressful time for the employee, even if their leave is voluntary. Additionally, Capital City offers a service unprecedented in this industry: we will fully assist an employee who has been terminated from their position. As a relationship-based firm, we are completely empathetic to the individual, no matter what their status is with their company. In any off-boarding situation, we will guide the individual through the option of signing up for COBRA, as well as ensuring everything is finalized with utmost care and timeliness, to avoid incurring any penalty fees.

Capital City is proud of our highly personalized level of care provided not only to our clients’ HR departments, but to their individual employees as well. We have also partnered with ThinkHR to offer invaluable HR resources, including a wealth of training programs and support by live HR experts.

Explore our website to learn more about the Capital City advantage, ThinkHR Workplace, or reach out to us by visiting our contact page.